1 December 2023

Celebrating Achievements and Embracing the Future at Excellence Awards 2023

Excellence Awards Cover 2023

On the evening of November 23rd, BuildingMinds hosted its inaugural Excellence Awards ceremony: a memorable event gathering 99 guests, including investors, customers, and team members, to celebrate the company's accomplishments and honor exceptional employees. 

In the opening speech, Marek Sacha, CEO of BuildingMinds, acknowledged the company's remarkable growth in the SaaS industry during 2023, proudly highlighting that “the best thing about 2023 were the people” who made this accomplishment possible. 


Silvio Napoli, CEO & Chairman of Schindler Group, offered a reflective speech on the origins of BuildingMinds. He shed light on the company's remarkable transformation from a simple idea on a piece of paper to the tangible reality of today, pointing out his unwavering belief in BuildingMinds' value for the customers. 

As the night unfolded, Roger Baumann, COO & Head Product Development Global Real Estate of Zurich Insurance, shared insightful perspectives on the industry, emphasizing BuildingMinds' crucial role in advancing net-zero carbon targets and proactive climate risk management for a sustainable future.

Astrid Güß, Head of Asset Management at BASF, and Jens Christian Bechtold, Vice President of HR Service Delivery at BASF, captivated the audience using the analogy of a candy store journey, to showcase the good times and challenges that BuildingMinds and BASF successfully surmounted together.

Excellence Awards 2023

During the night, three exceptional team members of BuildingMinds were awarded for their incredible dedication and significant contributions to the company: Astrid Billecocq, senior product owner; Aydid Chowdhury, marketing specialist; and Cecelia Pye, team lead for project management.

The Excellence Awards ceremony served as an opportunity for reflecting on past achievements and fostering relationships. The heartfelt speeches and recognition of outstanding employees showcased the impact of BuildingMinds' platform on its clients and the passion driving the team.