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BuildingMinds platform

The ESG platform with a plus

Unlike any other real estate data platform, the BuildingMinds SaaS solution is designed to adapt to your needs and a multitude of use cases. Able to connect to any software or system, our cloud-based data platform securely stores all information in one single source of truth.

  • Digital Building Twins integrate all data into a single information ecosystem
  • The first global data standard for real estate (Common Data Model for Real Estate) standardizes and interlinks all data to enable an unprecedented level of real estate data analytics
  • You are granted full control of your data, secure sharing and easy export of data, files or reports
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Best-in-class data collection

The BuildingMinds solution enables holistic, convenient and secure data collection. With our uncompromising API-first approach, the real estate data platform allows for multi-directional integration with all kinds of software, applications or customized extensions. Thanks to value-adding services such as the Data Survey App, even manual data gathering processes become highly efficient.

Proven data security

Data security is the non-negotiable foundation of our real estate data platform. Built on the cloud infrastructure by Microsoft Azure, security is constantly monitored and enhanced to comply with even the most demanding data governance requirements. BuildingMinds is officially ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

Full data ownership

At BuildingMinds, we place data where it belongs: in your hands. While collecting, connecting and managing users’ data, the BuildingMinds platform provides a single access plane for every stakeholder and gives users seamless and secure access to insights along the entire building and portfolio life cycle.

Data integration and services

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Get the most out of your data: integrate any system or software into one single source of truth with BuildingMinds. Leverage comprehensive data services and strong partners to build a powerful data foundation for your real estate portfolio.

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ESG data integration

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Build a powerful data foundation for your ESG strategy. Our team of data strategists, engineers and analysts accompanies you step-by-step on a customized ESG journey that will enable you to unleash the full power of your data.

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Trust center

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Make your data your data! With state-of-the art security features, the BuildingMinds solution ensures that data stays where it belongs: in the hands of the customer with maximum security and complete control.

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