May 31, 2024

Resilient real estate: Adapting to a changing world through sustainability and innovative risk management

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A study by BuildingMinds and GRI Club

97% of investors affirm ESG performance enhances asset value: A study by BuildingMinds and GRI Club reveals

London, May 31st, 2024: BuildingMinds and GRI gather top ESG experts and investors from real estate industry at roundtable event in London, launching a series of white papers with various industry leaders looking at sustainable real estate across assets and investments.

BuildingMinds and GRI Club will host an ESG-focused real estate roundtable on June 6th, 2024, in London. This gathering will bring together experts from architecture, development, asset management, institutional investment and others to discuss the findings of the upcoming white paper, "Resilient Real Estate: Adapting to a Changing World through Sustainability and Innovative Risk Management."


Bringing together leaders from RICS, GRESB, Moody’s, Schindler, SOM, Cromwell Property Group, GRI Club, CoStar Group, and JWA, the event will focus on sustainability and climate risk management in real estate. For the first time, standard-setting bodies such as GRESB, RICS and Moody’s will share and discuss their views, setting a new benchmark for integrating ESG considerations. Each organisation has contributed a chapter to the white paper, addressing critical challenges and proposing innovative solutions. This makes the white paper an essential read for real estate professionals, offering invaluable insights and strategies.

The white paper is underpinned by "BuildingMinds/GRI ESG Leadership Survey" which assesses organizational readiness to meet both self-imposed ESG goals and navigate regulatory requirements. The survey gathers data from CRE professionals worldwide including C-suite executives, ESG / sustainability experts, and investors representing sectors such as accounting, architecture, asset management, banking, consulting, development, insurance, and property management. Analysis of their feedback reveals that while 69% of organisations in real estate feel confident handling reporting associated with EU Taxonomy, confidence drops significantly for CSRD and SFDR, with only 44% and 47% respectively. These and other crucial findings will be presented and discussed at the roundtable, underscoring the need for improved strategies to achieve comprehensive ESG compliance.

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