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Corporate real estate

People. Space. Buildings. Sustainability. Performance.

BuildingMinds’ Corporate Real Estate Management Solution enables the transition of real estate from a mere cost center to a value-adding business unit. With our solution, CRE managers can focus on employees, facilitate a future-forward, technology-enabled workplace, continuously optimize existing spaces, reduce building costs and manage lease processes efficiently. At the same time, energy and sustainability managers can measure vital energy and resource consumption KPIs, as well as operational carbon emissions. Thus, they can drive energy efficiency, contribute to operational savings and accelerate their sustainability efforts.

Consumption analysis & carbon emissions calculation


Get all consumption and emissions data from different energy sources and fugitive emissions in a single, reliable insights cockpit and identify immediate operational gains and cost reductions. This module provides:

  • Data gathering and normalization
  • Resource consumption analysis of energy, water and waste
  • Operational carbon emission tracking
  • GHG 1, 2 & 3 emissions scoping
  • Storing and analytics of historical and current data

For your advanced needs on driving corporate real estate sustainability in your organization, we offer advanced and net-zero product features on carbon risk calculation, ESG reporting and retrofit planning & impact assessment.

Workspace analysis & optimization


The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we interact with our workspace. Develop agile space strategies, optimize utilization and drive cost optimization strategically using data and technology. This module provides:

  • A comprehensive 3D view of all your available spaces for better planning
  • Aggregate utilization and occupancy data at a portfolio level, including desks, rooms and IoT sensors
  • Centralized, real-time monitoring of space capacity and availability via intuitive dashboards
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your existing space and identify future cost savings
  • Build a seamless space-booking experience for your employees via our desk booking solution

Portfolio performance management


Buildings generate a lot of data including building costs, lease, energy consumption, space utilization and financial performance. When all these dimensions are considered together, the possibilities of optimizing your real estate portfolio’s ROI in order to achieve your desired business outcomes are endless.

  • Centralized and in-depth data availability on use cases such as space, lease, energy consumption, building costs at a portfolio level
  • Intuitive dashboards to effectively manage KPIs and automate processes for lease, building costs and space utilization monitoring on one single platform
  • Benchmark low performing assets against high performing ones in order to devise an action plan which improves asset performance and optimizes your real estate portfolio

Workplace experience & employee well-being


Buildings are at the heart of providing a holistic well-being experience to employees. Create attractive, healthy and efficient building experiences to drive productivity and enhance your employees’ experience. This module provides:

  • Aggregate well-being data on a building, floors or spaces  in a centralized location
  • Real-time monitoring of vital well-being KPIs such as temperature, CO2 concentration,  humidity, sound level and illuminance
  • Visualizing KPIs in an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard in order to take data-driven decisions which help you optimize the well-being parameters, report to senior management and improve the employees’ experience
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Use case: pioneering corporate real estate

BuildingMinds and Schindler are redefining the future of corporate real estate management with a lighthouse project in Berlin: millions of data points have been interlinked and integrated to deliver near real-time insights on building experience, cost efficiency and sustainability KPIs.

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Data integration and services

Get the most out of your data: integrate any system or software into one single source of truth with BuildingMinds. Leverage comprehensive data services and strong partners to build a powerful data foundation for your real estate portfolio.

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Ready to make a move? Get to know our solution and learn how you can make your data deliver on your goals. In just 30 minutes. Book your meeting


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