Corporate Real Estate Management Solution

Insights, from portfolio to building level

Ready to make real estate management deliver real value? Holistic, data-driven corporate real estate management with the BuildingMinds solution enables you to realize multiple company-specific use cases on a portfolio level.

  • Manage data from all on-premise systems, Excel spreadsheets or even building hardware through a single real estate data platform
  • Integrate strategic KPIs for sustainability management, space utilization, and employee health, safety and well-being, and benchmark them from the portfolio level down to single buildings or even individual equipment
  • Create reliable reports adapted to organizational structures, safely share and export data across all lines of business with just a few clicks

Performance and cost monitoring

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CREM Solution Standard

Develop strategies to reduce building cost, understand vital performance parameters of your buildings’ carbon emissions, and monitor real estate lease scenarios from the portfolio level to single buildings. This solution includes:

  • Lease contract monitoring: Compare lease contracts and conditions with internal and external KPIs, analyze them from portfolio level to single buildings, and increase process efficiency through import automation functionalities
  • Building cost monitoring: Analyze cost KPIs from entire real estate portfolios to single spaces, and optimize insurance cost and conditions for buildings, properties, equipment, machinery and inventory
  • Emissions and carbon footprint monitoring: Visualize all performance indicators from your energy resources and carbon emissions in a single cockpit, and derive corrective actions to reduce your energy demand and achieve your environmental goals

Space optimization and occupant experience

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CREM Accelerators Space and Experience

Strengthen your efforts towards creating a secure, productive and fully compliant workplace for your employees. Monitor your spaces’ performance and optimize them to meet the demands for more flexibility, efficiency and quality.

  • Space utilization accelerator: Conduct analysis on occupancy peaks and lows, visualize the utilization of your workplaces in real-time, and develop agile strategies to improve cost efficiency, space utilization and working conditions
  • Well-being, health and safety accelerator: Monitor KPIs such as temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity, sound level or even illuminance of single buildings, floors or spaces, and make spaces more livable

Strategic location and portfolio management

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CREM Accelerator Plus Portfolio

Create strategic business value and manage real estate with actionable insights, from the global portfolio level down to even individual buildings. Benchmark your portfolio against market trends, peers and internal KPIs with the Accelerator Plus:

  • Document management: Use our real estate data room to manage your certificates and building documents globally
  • Portfolio analytics: Develop and monitor location strategies by connecting lease cost, space, well-being, building cost, and emissions analytics across your entire portfolio
  • Company structure: Manage your entire portfolio down to single buildings in one cockpit that is aligned with your company’s individual organizational structure
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Use case: Pioneering corporate real estate

BuildingMinds and Schindler are redefining the future of corporate real estate management in a co-innovation project: The digitalization of the Schindler Campus in Berlin. Millions of data points have been interlinked and integrated into cloud-based portfolio management platform to deliver near real-time insights on space utilization, people well-being and much more.

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BuildingMinds Platform

Want to know how your data can augment your value? Based on a uniquely holistic, open, yet secure approach, the BuildingMinds platform enables an unprecedented level of real estate data analytics for all kinds of use cases.

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Integration Ecosystem

Looking for zero data gaps? BuildingMinds enables you to connect with any data source and to integrate any type of data. Plus: thanks to Smart Services, data collection is tailored to your individual requirements.

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BuildingMinds Smart Services

Add value with intelligent add-ons: BuildingMinds provides additional Smart Services with solutions and services that support customers with data collection, consulting and specialized services for retrofit planning or BIM.

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