ESG Management Solution

Sustainability, made actionable

Ready to make better, data-driven decisions in real estate? The BuildingMinds platform enables you to compare your emissions to those of your peers, what they will cost you, and what to change to preserve your portfolio’s value in the coming years. Take your sustainability management to a new, data-driven level:

  • Automate sustainability data gathering and conveniently export data to reporting frameworks such as GRESB
  • Predict carbon price and stranding risks with advanced analytics and CRREM benchmarks
  • Simulate retrofit scenarios and identify the actions with the best balance between reductions and capital expenditures
  • Build on BuildingMinds’ advanced technology and realize multiple future use cases beyond the “E“ such as people well-being which is already a part of our CREM Solution

Consumption and emission analytics

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ESG Management Solution Standard

Analyze the status quo: Get all consumption and emissions data from different energy sources and fugitive emissions in a single, reliable insights cockpit in the BuildingMinds platform, and realize immediate operational gains and cost reductions. With this solution you can:

  • Conduct resource consumption and carbon emission analysis
  • Store and analyze historical and current data

Reporting and carbon risk calculation

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ESG Management Solution Advanced

Predict future value: Conduct carbon price simulations and avoid the stranding of your assets by knowing exactly when, how and why they will underperform on financial and ecological KPIs. This option includes everything from the Standard Solution plus:

  • Determine the impact of carbon-related cost on your entire portfolio, individual countries or single buildings 
  • Gain an overview of energy and carbon intensity for entire portfolios, regions, business units or individual buildings
  • Precisely calculate the stranding moment of an asset based on Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) benchmarks or internal targets
  • Export reports on your sustainability efforts on the basis of reporting standards such as GRESB, gif, GRI, EPRA, the EU Taxonomy or the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Retrofit action and impact simulation

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ESG Management Solution Plus

Turn your goals into action and preserve your portfolio’s value: Run simulations to identify the retrofit scenario with the best balance of carbon emissions, future carbon savings, and capital expenditures. This option includes everything from the Advanced Solution plus:

  • Determine the “Carbon ROI“ by calculating carbon emissions of retrofits to see when their cost levels out with operational savings over time  
  • Detect which retrofit measures impact your portfolio’s carbon footprint most effectively
  • Leverage the expertise of our best-in-class partners and develop actionable decarbonization strategies and retrofit actions
Ready to turn your ESG goals into actions? Get to know our solution and learn how you can make your data deliver on your goals. In just 30 minutes. Book your meeting

How the Zurich Insurance Group leads with data

Signing the Business Ambition for 1.5°C Pledge to limit global warming, Zurich Insurance, Switzerland’s largest insurer, committed themselves to using every lever available to be one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world. But how to turn an ambitious goal into a detailed action plan? Together with BuildingMinds, Zurich has set out to collect, analyze and visually present all insights needed for effective decarbonization actions.

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GRESB reporting, simply delivered

Ready to stop losing time with data collection? BuildingMinds puts an end to time-consuming data gathering and fault-prone consolidation processes, with smart data collection services and the preparation of data for much more than reporting purposes.

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Join the free ESG Masterclass

Are you ready to start your sustainability journey but unsure of which steps to take next? BuildingMinds’ experts have collected exclusive insights on ESG reporting, data collection, carbon risk calculation and retrofit planning in five free Email Masterclasses.


Calculating carbon risk with CRREM

Be among the first to precisely calculate the stranding moment of your real estate assets and its financial implications. BuildingMinds is the first solution that integrates the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) to determine carbon reduction pathways.

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