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Integrating physical climate risk with Munich Re

Asset-level physical climate risk at your disposal

Do you know which of your portfolio assets are exposed to physical climate risk? Thanks to our partnership with Munich Re’s Risk Management Partners division, the BuildingMinds platform will offer you insights into physical climate risk across multiple locations, scenarios and timeframes. Evaluate current and future risks and take smart decisions across your global real estate portfolio (feature availability as of 2023).

  • Take advantage of the largest global data collection on physical climate risk: more than 40 years of experience combined with state-of-the-art scientific datasets for future-relevant risk scores
  • Clear heat map visualization within the BuildingMinds platform of hazards in different climate scenarios such as temperatures, fire, drought, etc.
  • Data exchange of the location intelligence between Munich Re’s and the BuildingMinds platform via the REST API
  • Provide more detailed answers to your investors’ questions regarding your risk mitigation strategy against physical climate risk for your portfolio
World map showing the top climate risks across the globe by 2040 in the BuildingMinds ESG data platform

Leverage physical risk data in multiple dimensions

Many of the important ESG reporting standards include physical climate risk data. BuildingMinds empowers you to have all your important asset-level data along with physical climate risk intelligence in a single source of truth. This helps you report in line with the recommendations of standards such as TCFD, SFDR and other climate related disclosure initiatives.

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