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3 min

Marek Sacha - CEO

  • Marek Sacha

Our CEO, Marek Sacha, shares his insights regarding the hurdles faced by the industry, including rising borrowing expenses, declining asset values, and the transition towards adaptable workspaces. Despite the fluctuations experienced in 2023, Marek conveys an optimistic perspective and emphasizes how BuildingMinds stands in the frontline to support clients during these challenging times.

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Leopold Böhm - DACH Account Executive

Our DACH Account Executive Leopold Böhm talks about specific hurdles in the real-estate industry for the DACH market, such as the slower rate of digitalization compared to other markets. Clients face issues due to the lack of desired accuracy in their data. He shares his experiences with supporting customers in data collection enabling them to overcome ESG hurdles as well as increase their asset values through accurate retrofit recommendations.

1 min

Tobias Ungermanns - Head of Solution Design

Our head of Solution Design, Tobias Ungermanns, talks about how he tailors sales and solution partner offerings to meet customer requirements. He emphasizes that by integrating AI, the solution design team has been able to provide more focused answers to specific customer requests, improve quality assurance and rapidly pin-point root causes of customers’ hurdles.

1 min

Ottavia Tomarchio - Sales Director

Our Sales Director, Ottavia Tomarchio, addresses the challenges faced by real estate clients dealing with pressures from tenants, regulatory bodies, and investors. Ottavia provides insights into how BuildingMinds Retrofit Recommender acts as game-changer solution, precisely evaluating carbon real estate risk and enhancing asset value in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

2 min

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